Collection: Spain

Viticulture in Spain is extensive in diversity and volume. The cultivated area under vines is approximately 1 million hectares . This means that Spain has the most wine-growing areas worldwide. However, the yield is relatively low due to the often difficult geographical and climatic conditions. An average of 38 million hectoliters of wine is made annually. (After Italy and France and with 48 and 43 million hl respectively.) Spain is a member of the OIV .

The Spanish DO quality wine regions. Click on the image for the legend.
Country wine regions: Vino de la Tierra. Click on the image for the legend.

Still red , white and rosé wines as well as sparkling wines and fortified wines come from there. The flavors range from very dry to intensely sweet .

Viticulture is an important economic factor for the country. Some signature wines from there include Sherry , Rioja and Cava . The Sangria wine recipe also comes from Spain.