Tasting panels

We regularly invite interested parties to participate in one of our tasting panels.

Our goal is to collect information about the tastes of our customer group. At the same time, it is of course an excellent opportunity for the panel members to taste some of our wines. The wines are accompanied by (small) suitable snacks.

Rules of the game

  1. Members of our tasting panels share their opinion about the wines by completing a tasting note form.
  2. Wijnhuis Balckenende may use the results on their website (Balckenende.com and Balckenende.nl) and on social media.
  3. Members of a tasting panel are not obliged to purchase any wine. Participation in a tasting panel is free. Members are also not paid.
  4. Members of a tasting panel receive a 10% discount on wines they purchase at Wijnhuis Balckenende.
  5. Anyone can register to participate in a tasting panel. However, participation is determined by Wijnhuis Balckenende.

Are you interested in participating? Please register by submitting the form below.

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