Collection: Frank Faust

The Rheingau is without a doubt one of the most famous places on earth for growing Riesling.

Weingut Faust is located in the village of Martinsthal in the Rheingau. A wine region with a fantastic reputation for Riesling. The domain has been owned by the Faust family for four generations. From the beginning, the domain has been a mixed farm. The grapes go to the local cooperative. In 1950 the family decided to bottle their own wine and sell it under their own name. Weingut Faust is therefore a fact. Frank Faust has now taken over the winery from his father Werner.

'Stuffen' system Frank Faust

Organic and vegan

Frank has been working organically since 2008. He makes different cuvées per vineyard. In the spring after the harvest, he assembles them and produces different wines. Frank sells some of his grapes to VDP wineries who bottle the organic fruit under their own name. From his own domain, Gravel, Alpha, Origo and the rosé of Pinot Noir are now among our greatest hits :-).

His work is aimed at letting nature do the work as much as possible and intervening minimally in the cellar. He sometimes uses neutral yeasts, sometimes spontaneous fermentation. He makes an excellent and affordable rosé from pinot noir and, in excellent years, a delicious pinot noir. The 'Origo' is the top wine, Riesling at Grosses Gewächs level. Matures in large barrel. Almost the entire harvest comes to us.

Faust's cellar

He has been completely vegan since 2012, meaning no use of animal products.

In addition to Riesling, there are also fine wines from Pinot Noir and Grauburgunder.

Frank Faust