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Vacuvin wine pump with wine pourer/valve

Vacuvin wine pump with wine pourer/valve

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In addition to the extensive wine serving and storage accessories, Vacu Vin introduces the new revolution in wine drinking. A unique solution that ensures that wine is poured drip-free, wine can be stored or wine is vacuum sealed so that the taste is retained for longer. An additional unique feature is the pouring cap that ensures that you can not only pour but also use it to close your bottle of wine. By using the vacuum pump you can preserve the taste of your wine for longer. Vacuuming ensures that the oxidation process of the wine is slowed down, so that you can enjoy your wine again at a later time. The new Wine Server & Saver combines the complete wine drinking experience in a single product.

  • Always pour drip-free
  • Opened bottles of wine have a longer shelf life
  • Vacuum indicator: clicks when vacuum is reached
  • Suitable for almost all wine bottles
  • Set contains 1 Vacuum Saver + 1 Server & Stoppers
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